Chain of Custody


It is important to be able to trace samples from collection to data reporting so that complete confidence can be placed in the analytical results. A chain-of-custody form is a mechanism for tracing the path of a sample from the time of collection through reporting of results.

The sampler initiates the chain of custody. As samples are passed from individual to individual, the transfers are noted. This process continues until the samples are delivered to the laboratory where the chain of custody form is signed, recording the date and time of sample receipt. A copy of the chain of custody form is returned to the client with the analytical report, and the original is retained with the project file by Aquatic Analytics.

To download a blank Chain of Custody form, CLICK HERE. 

Please also see the SAMPLE FILLED IN FORM  and INSTRUCTIONS document for step-by-step instructions for filling out the Chain of Custody form CLICK HERE.

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