Short Holding Time Analyses

The time between sample collection and analysis is called holding time.  Because samples may begin to degrade over time, most tests have maximum allowable holding times, and for some tests this can be quite short.  The tests below have short holding times and therefore must be dropped off on certain days.

Please note that samples analyzed after the maximum holding time may not be valid for compliance purposes.  Samples received beyond the maximum holding times will not be analyzed without permission of the client, and the data will be flagged as having exceeded the hold time.


MAXIMUM Holding Time



8 hours

(wastewater) E. coli andfecal coliforms

* Samples accepted Monday through Thursday.
* Samples may be accepted on Fridays with 24-hour advance notice (additional charge will apply).

30 hours

(drinking water)  Total coliforms and E. coli

48 Hours

Orthophosphate, Nitrate, and Nitrite


48 Hours

BOD5 and CBOD5

* Samples accepted Tuesday through Thursday; 24 hour advance notice required.


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